Without warning a virulent manmade disease has unleashed a terror of biblical proportions on the world. The United Kingdom is hit hard leaving few places to hide in an already overcrowded country.

Nine months later the ghouls outnumber the living by thousands to one. Survivors live an endless toil of searching for food and protecting the living. Some organisation exists, but it is collapsing. Jack leads a trio of men, hated by the other survivors, their task is to protect the integrity of the safe haven by preventing the infection from ever entering.

On a reconnaissance trip they come across a woman and two children. Jack, the leader comes to the realization that children are the key to the survival of the human race!

Huggins takes his readers to the ground and rips their guts out...the way a horror author should..

The AstraDaemon's Lair


Reminiscent of John Wyndham or David Moody. British apocalypse that is dark, provocative, sharp and fetid.

Iain Mckinnon (Author of 'The Domain of the Dead'.

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